Lyme Literate Doctor , Top reasons you may need one. How do they help.

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What is a Lyme literate doctor?

Physicians who are knowledgeable about chronic Lyme disease and often about many other tick-borne diseases. They are often referred to as Lyme Literate Physicians [LLMD]. Lyme disease is very hard to treat and even harder to diagnose. Because of a gross lack of accuracy, Lab testing techniques for the disease is not enough. Often, persons with chronic Lyme get passed off to Neurologists, Psychiatrists, and Psychologists. Or they are put on life-ending powerful drugs that do more harm. One part of the system that regularly deals with severely ill, un-diagnosed Lyme patients is the Legal system. These patients often become so sick that their entire lives fall apart. Many patients turn to self medication merely to manage the symptoms.
Lyme Disease diagnosis should be done by a Lyme Literate Doctor who uses Lab testing and clinical diagnosis to evaluate your condition. Also Western Blot testing for Lyme should be carried out immediately after a short period of initial antibiotic treatment if Lyme is suspected. 
Lyme is a sneaky creep. It has three main morphological forms and is an expert at hiding deep and sneakily within the body. Lyme sufferer's usually develop co-infections that require additional treatment. 
So, it is very important to find a good Lyme Literate Physician. If you have Lyme your life depends on it!

​Breaking News - Lyme Disease: Second Bacteria Called Borrelia Mayonii Brings Severe Lyme Illness Symptoms

Soon I will be putting up a national directory for the best Lyme Literate Doctors but for now I can already say one of the absolute best Doctors. Dr. S. Hartman at the Mandarin Wellness Center in Jacksonville, Florida! Link is below.

I have been to alot of Doctors, but I have never met a Doctor half as friendly, kind, and knowledgeable as Dr. Hartman and her staff. 5 STARS PLUS!!!!!! 

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  1. By far the best dentist I've been too. All the staff is beyond helpful and friendly, they make you feel like extended family.Dental Implants edmonton


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